Incredulous Friendship

We sat under a tree together,

To watch the miracle of the weather. 

But to the surprise what a pleasure,

We saw on that pleasant weather.

Friendship is like an essence of sacrifice,

Which will make you shine bright and as very possible hug it very tight. 

The leisure time spent together is still accumulated,

But our friendship will never be depreciated. 

Like a sight of bird in the sky,

Our naive friendship will always fly!!!

To weigh the happiness of thy,

One should surely try!!✌😉


What is my life all about? Everyday there is a battle that has to be fought.

It’s like running all around through the maze, Trying to escape from it but I won’t be amazed.

Life is all about journey, After all …….jaisi karni waise bharni.

Doubts around my mind seal, When my life has something to deal.

Like all sides of square, Everything that comes to me has to be shared…

If feelings stay hidden you are brave, If you don’t let them come out then you are rather trying  to save.

Are you a nut? Escaping through it is a shortcut.

Confront them Be a sport , Doing this you wont be dragged to the court.

Please help me god I really need you in this case, Or else I won’t be able to confront myself by being insane.

These feelings has made me cold as ice, To make them transparent is an option,I hope this decision is wise.

The way you act is what it defines, Do good and be good and make your actions refine, So that you can accomplish your goal to give meaning to your life.

Last but not the least…At times you would feel quite coy, It’s your life ….don’t play with it like a toy. 


Days of gusto……

When i was born there was no sign of mourn, Indeed my parents enjoyed my arrival as if they were preparing for the carnival.

I have experienced the touch of my father on my  tender fingers,Walking and singing out with me like one of the great singers.

My mother feeding me porridge with one of her hands, And other hand was busy making me play with toy fans.

The days of my childhood were the most i relished, And in my life so far i have never got such memories to be cherished.

The days of my innocence were my parent’s essence,They were the reason for my smile though me being away from them for a while.

This day comes in every person’s life ,Where you grow up and no more need your parent’s advice.

But when you become mature,the decisions you make ….Be Sure.

The moments spent that  had happiness filled in it, They are still with me and no one has the guts to kill it.

The enjoyment and your company are both related, Be sure you make the most of it by being elated.

Being a part of friend’s circle also defines my taste, I won’t avoid my parent’s advice I know they would never go waste.

I somehow managed  to make my life full of live moments with ease, I have learnt that in difficult times never to seize. 

My sincere attempt for creating this was the reason, To enlighten and share my experiences of my childhood with the pass of every season…….

Journey from strangers to best friends……

HI…Was the first text I wrote,
And at that moment nothing else I could quote 

The reply to me which you gave was expected
As one who gives a response to a stranger without being affected.

Your reply was nothing unique but normal,
And I thought that I started of the conversation by being very formal.

Days passed,weeks passed and months too
But for us the conversation never ended soon.

I never thought from being totally unaware of each other
We could go far with this journey so well together. 

Giving tag to this thing cannot define our relationship 
Because from totally being strangers we got our friendship.

Our bonding is as sweet as chocolates in packets
Because I have never seen sky bursting in colours without rockets.

Our journey from being unknown to being known is not to be shown
It has unique existence and that cannot make us feel alone.

Our moto was not to be so attached 
That one day even if we don’t talk we feel detached. 

It’s not we but the destiny has to choose
So that we stay friends forever and still have nothing to loose.

I hope our coincident friendship supports us throughout
And don’t worry I would be there for you in your difficulty even if you don’t shout…..!!!!


                   ” UNKNOWINGLY YOUR’S ”  

Yeah,What a wonderful morning,

 As if it was giving me a warning.     

Your glance was the first thing I saw,

Seeing you i dropped my jaw.

Your smile is so cute ,

when you speak I become mute.

I like the way you are,

Caring simple rising like a star

Yes,you are the one you are mine,

I have drank you like a wine.

Wow,what a wonderful feeling of being yours,

Everything without you tastes sour.

You are my only reflection and 

I have for you an affection.

This is what my heart feels ,

Please don’t in any situation make yourself seal.

I have promised myself I won’t fail,

It’s my heart not a thing for sale.

I don’t have guts to tell ,

But this would probably make you understand well!!

My heart feels for you and it is falling,

Don’t reject it ,answer  it because as I am the one who is calling…

Unknowingly I have become yours forever,

I won’t leave you in midway…never, never and never..!!!

It’s all up to you to say yes or no,

Whatever is your decision I would agree though.

I know its little of awkward ..

But   Do or Die I won’t take my steps backward….

Just think it for a while,

I won’t be far away in miles.

If you realize you feel the same ,

Just signal me by taking my name.

I will be waiting by near,

Come and just hold my hand dear…!!!