Can you give Time…Some Time??🤔

Do our life come with a license
If it would let us know our level of patience

For now that i am going to tell you through my writing,
Need lots of gut to accept and hear,
Cuz Humans weakest truth is they cannot face their fear.

People who can uphold this are very few,
In this same race i consider myself new.✌

The things that are not meant to be done..are when done never goes without regret,
And the memories haunt us to level we would never forget.

Because whats done is done
I know it will take time for things to settle,
Without weapons you can never win a battle.

Make yourself strong and utilize time in peace,
Dont bother about your expenses …your parents wont delay your fees..🙄

They all say ,Time is money,
I know it sounds funny.
Dont be a jerk
You can do more than what you think,
Dont loose your hope even if your feelings are about to sink.

Time wont probably make your downfall,
It knows we are not in a puppet show where they keep changing the doll.

Time wont guarantee your anguish to vanish,
But give it a try
Cuz deep down you need to convince yourself that it needs to get finish.

The clock is ticking and it is saying something,
Your denail will give you nothing.

Redemption for your faults over time can be done later,
First let your regrets be understood thats what should matter.
Cuz apologies can be conveyed even through a letter.

It will take time you need to be tough,
Your path to this journey wont be easy enough.

Even if your heart is on the opposite side,
It is your instinct what you should follow,
You should be always ready that it wont take time for things to swallow.

Life is a race
You need to win
If you are not on time
Then its your biggest crime.

If you want things to change and heal,
All you have to do is…with time make a deal.✌



Hey whats up partner ready for some news, 

Because in this case i know we wont have compatible views. 

I am not here to tell you and make you realize about your choice, 

However your decisions still don’t make you raise your voice.
Looking at your better half you should get positive vibes, 

Cuz having a burger is incomplete without fries.😜

If the person is amazed for every little effort you make,

 Then dont think twice their feelings for you wont be fake.

You deserve to be with someone who looks after you every single day, 

Cuz summers are of course not for may, So stay calm and first let them say.😆

To them your presence and absence should matter, 

If not so your relationship wont take long time to shatter!!

It just may take an hour to like some One or a day to love someone, 

But it might take a life time to forget someone, 

So be with someone who is ready to be your only one.😉

Remember too much expectation indeed leads to sadness, 

Once you screw this up you would always crave for happiness. ☹

They should be by your side holding your hands tight, 

Even in the worst case scenario you are blamed for not being right.

Your disappearance should be a matter of concern when you are not in front of their sight…!!👀

Expecting something is normal,

However it would complicate simple things for you if you try being formal.😬

Just for being with someone you want to does not define this case, 

Don’t try to fill your emptiness by just looking at the face,

 Its ur life dear…go on with the flow at ur own pace.😊

Propogater of Knowledge : A Teacher

The one who cares makes us aware,

The things happening in the diffuse Air!!

They are one and only the propogater of Knowledge….Our TEACHERS!!!

They leave the rest ,
and make us the best. 

They are the part of thy,

Which will give you a stage to try!

The teacher is the sight of our Life,

To make us arise to the mile.

No one can take their place in your life either,

because when your in your school they behave as your second mother though being a teacher…

Giving love,care and knowledge is their main moto 

Keep them safe in your heart as you have captured their photo!!

They are your path through which you can travel your future,

Understand their dignity for which your life has nurture..

Dedicated to all Teachers who have played  a crucial part in developing myself and making me believe in myself .

Really Appreciated….👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Thank you so much!!!

The Kindred Spirit-A Mother

Can you guess the one who gave you birth?

So that you can peacefully live your life on this earth.

Yes she is one and only our kindred Mother!!!

She is your giver of life,doing this she becomes a mother though being a Wife.

She is your real life Hero, but your behaviour towards her is absolutely Zero.

The one who often accompanies you in your Sorrow,

Is your mother so that some of your pain she can Borrow.

When you are ill she stays awake for you for many Nights,

Thinking when you need her she would hug you very Tight.

To keep you always in front of her sight

With every obstacle and darkness she starts a fight.

Don’t make her angry,

Let her be mild and prove it to her that you are her best child.

Your life rejoices because of her little sacrifice,

At this moment you should thank her for being patient and so very Nice. 

So Remember,

For you she is your life’s lighting spiritual lamp

Respect and love her , Don’t assume that she is your working servant Mam.

…….Tribute to all the mothers…👏👏👏…Life completes because of you .Life gets a meaning because of your existence…….

Incredulous Friendship

We sat under a tree together,

To watch the miracle of the weather. 

But to the surprise what a pleasure,

We saw on that pleasant weather.

Friendship is like an essence of sacrifice,

Which will make you shine bright and as very possible hug it very tight. 

The leisure time spent together is still accumulated,

But our friendship will never be depreciated. 

Like a sight of bird in the sky,

Our naive friendship will always fly!!!

To weigh the happiness of thy,

One should surely try!!✌😉


What is my life all about? Everyday there is a battle that has to be fought.

It’s like running all around through the maze, Trying to escape from it but I won’t be amazed.

Life is all about journey, After all …….jaisi karni waise bharni.

Doubts around my mind seal, When my life has something to deal.

Like all sides of square, Everything that comes to me has to be shared…

If feelings stay hidden you are brave, If you don’t let them come out then you are rather trying  to save.

Are you a nut? Escaping through it is a shortcut.

Confront them Be a sport , Doing this you wont be dragged to the court.

Please help me god I really need you in this case, Or else I won’t be able to confront myself by being insane.

These feelings has made me cold as ice, To make them transparent is an option,I hope this decision is wise.

The way you act is what it defines, Do good and be good and make your actions refine, So that you can accomplish your goal to give meaning to your life.

Last but not the least…At times you would feel quite coy, It’s your life ….don’t play with it like a toy. 


Days of gusto……

When i was born there was no sign of mourn, Indeed my parents enjoyed my arrival as if they were preparing for the carnival.

I have experienced the touch of my father on my  tender fingers,Walking and singing out with me like one of the great singers.

My mother feeding me porridge with one of her hands, And other hand was busy making me play with toy fans.

The days of my childhood were the most i relished, And in my life so far i have never got such memories to be cherished.

The days of my innocence were my parent’s essence,They were the reason for my smile though me being away from them for a while.

This day comes in every person’s life ,Where you grow up and no more need your parent’s advice.

But when you become mature,the decisions you make ….Be Sure.

The moments spent that  had happiness filled in it, They are still with me and no one has the guts to kill it.

The enjoyment and your company are both related, Be sure you make the most of it by being elated.

Being a part of friend’s circle also defines my taste, I won’t avoid my parent’s advice I know they would never go waste.

I somehow managed  to make my life full of live moments with ease, I have learnt that in difficult times never to seize. 

My sincere attempt for creating this was the reason, To enlighten and share my experiences of my childhood with the pass of every season…….